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    good day all

    I have been using netobjects 8 for a long time but only now do I want to use the database components.

    I am using the demo included with the system and evolved it. using Mountainbikes as basis!!

    I am trying to do the following:

    1) test addinfo for empty fields since empty fields ruin the database - I manage to do such.
    2) test for duplicate username (login) registration - I do not manage do do such.

    3 the test for empty fields and duplicate login - user registration - to be done for the same page addinfo submission.

    I would greatly appreciated your help.

    I attach the template I am using as well as the MYSQL database file being used.

    I made 6 addinfo pages with different scenarious and combinations of the components but could not get the test for duplicate username to work

    Charles van Eeden.
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