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Greetings Ray,

How do I make that change? While I understand conceptually what you are talking about, I am not familiar with the program enough on how to make that change.

I do value your assistance in resolving this issue.


You will need some sort of graphic editing program. Open the images up in the program, then, depending on the program, either select a conversion to change from CMYK to RGB, or simply re-save or export choosing RGB as the desired colour space.

You should really have some sort of graphics editing program available when doing web design. If you don't, IrfanView is a freeware program that is a handy tool to have. You can view just about any kind of graphics file and do some basic editing like resizing, colour adjustments, etc. I believe it works internally in RGB, so simply opening and re-saving your files is likely to do the conversion for you. There is also a batch processing function that you could set up to load, say, an entire folder, perform some function then save. In your case, simply open and re-save would do it.