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    Angry Styles: background image


    Is it possible to set the background image such that it appears centered and exactly the same in a browser regardless of screen size / resolution. Obviously image is relatively complex for this to be an issue but would appreciate help resolving it.



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    Hi Robin,

    there are several scripts to reach this effect. I have a German help-site for NOF and I am rarely here - but maybe this helps. I have 3 different scripts on this site.

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    Don't be Be

    In Style View, once you've assigned your Page Background, you have two options:

    1. Click on the Selectors tab in Style View, then select BODY in the middle section. In the CSS Property Sheet on the right-hand side, you have all the settings for Background available. Set "background-position" to center and "background-repeat" to no-repeat.
    2. Click on the CSS Code tab, and find the BODY declaration (typically at the top), and manually enter the CSS you want.

    HTML Code:
    background-position : center;
    background-repeat : no-repeat;
    Now if you want the image to scale and fill the screen regardless of window size, you will need to either manually embed some CSS3 code or use a script to do this. CSS3 has a "background-size" property that you might be able to use. NOF 12 does not yet directly support CSS3, so you will have to manually insert the CSS for this. Also keep in mind that IE8 or earlier does not support CSS3, so this won't work on 25% of browsers.

    Have a look here, if interested.

    Or you can use some javascript to automatically scale your background image. Like this one.

    Have fun.
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