I have done everything that tech support has given with no success, so here goes:

I purchased a SEO program to help increase website rankings in Google and other search engines and found that it can not see any of our meta tags and meta descriptions on any site we have created in Fusion. However other sites scan fine that we created using WordPress and Frontpage. I have changes the settings under "Current Site Options" Site Generation from "Dynamic Page Layout" to Regular Tables and back again. I have gone in and added HTML code into the "Page Properties" by hand.

I have even used another program to see if it was the first SEO program that was the problem. But both SEO PowerSuite and Rapid SEO Tool (free ver) have the exact same information. It appears that if you analize your site "spider it" Fusion sites can not be seen by the search engines correctly.

If you need look at a site or two here are a few.. http://www.hightechtees.com/ & http://hillsidehomesinc.com/

If anyone can find where I'm going wrong I would be very thankful. I wish to end this with.. I love Fusion and we have used it since Ver 2.0 and with the pool of knowledge on the forum I know there is a way to make this work.