I have worked with HTML for a few years, but I finally have (thanks to your product) started to use my first site building product.

A lot of the 'old' pages I have on my current site, I would like to use as is in the new site. I know this means they will not have the menus or frames that the new pages do, and would not be added to the menu list. But for a lot of my stuff this would be fine. I could use a link to the pages from one of the pages i created using your product. My question is this. Could i include a like to something like '../file.html' so it would know to go to the Root directory for the website rather than the 'html' folder. And if this is possible, I would assume a 'back button' from my pages would return to the 'new site' page that i linked from. Doing something like this is (for now) a way to get the site up much faster.

Sorry, for the long question. I hope i have provided enough information for someone to answer. If not, ask me for clarification.

Thanks in advance.