I found this javascript for making an image rotater. It's a 2-part script.

This part goes between the page Head tags:

<script language="JavaScript1.2">

var howOften = 5; //number often in seconds to rotate
var current = 0; //start the counter at 0
var ns6 = document.getElementById&&!document.all; //detect netscape 6

// place your images, text, etc in the array elements here
var items = new Array();
items[0]="<a href='link.htm' ><img alt='image0 (9K)' src='/Images/image0.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
items[1]="<a href='link.htm'><img alt='image1 (9K)' src='/Images/image1.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
items[2]="<a href='link.htm'><img alt='image2 (9K)' src='/Images/image2.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
items[3]="<a href='link.htm'><img alt='image3 (9K)' src='/Images/image3.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
items[4]="<a href='link.htm'><img alt='image4 (9K)' src='/Images/image4.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
items[5]="<a href='link.htm'><img alt='image5 (18K)' src='/Images/image5.jpg' height='300' width='300' border='0' /></a>"; //a linked image
function rotater() {
document.getElementById("placeholder").innerHTML = items[current];
current = (current==items.length-1) ? 0 : current + 1;

function rotater() {
if(document.layers) {
if(ns6)document.getElementById("placeholderdiv").i nnerHTML=items[current]

current = (current==items.length-1) ? 0 : current + 1; //increment or reset

This part goes in the page Body:

<layer id="placeholderlayer"></layer><div id="placeholderdiv"></div>

The script works fine, with modifications for my own links and images, as long as I put only ONE image rotater on the page. However, I want to put several rotaters on this same page, with a different set of links and images for each rotater. Is there a way to do this? Nothing I've tried so far works.

Thanks in advance.