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Thread: Question Regarding NetObjects Fusion 1&1 edition (AKA Fusion Lite)

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    Question Question Regarding NetObjects Fusion 1&1 edition (AKA Fusion Lite)

    I currently have NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition (Believe it's also known as Fusion Lite) so I used to use 1&1 for my web hosting and I have since switched to GoDaddy. Can I still use this version of Fusion to upload my site to GoDaddys server, as i have spent many hours creating this site, and if so how do I change the publish settings?

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    The latest 1&1 edition was Fusion 11 (not the early free version).

    Check in publish view and see if you can change the remote publish settings. If you can't then it is locked to 1&1 hosting

    Here is a tutorial on how to set remote publish profile for the hosting I offer to give you an idea where these settings are located
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