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Thread: Hard Drive Crash -- lost version 10

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    Default Hard Drive Crash -- lost version 10

    I've been with NetObjects since version 4. When requesting replacement software, here's their reply:

    Unfortunately, we no longer provide download sessions for NetObjects Fusion versions lower then Fusion XII. You can use however your serial number to upgrade to our latest version, NetObjects Fusion XII.

    What's up with this? Unbelievable!!! Didn't the company get sold to WebPros??? Is this the reason for such a response???. I have tried to recover files, but no luck. This situation has become time-urgent.

    Could I insert assets, etc., from published "on-the-web" files into version 12, then republish? -- (no *.nod files are available for the large version 10 websites I need to modify)

    Anybody have a copy? Thanks

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    Just re install from the CD you made when you downloaded 10.

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    Or do as they suggest and upgrade to the current version of the program. (You wouldn't expect Microsoft to provide you with a download for Win 98, would you?) v12 is way superior to version 10 especially in creating compliant code (v10 writes deprecated code as it's quite old now). And even if you could download v10 it wouldn't do you any good if you don't have the .nod files (and presumably no backups either).

    If this is the case, your best bet would be to re-create the sites in v12 using the assets on the web sites. You can us HTTrack or a similar program to download the sites to your hard drive. Don't, however, be tempted to try and import these into NoF; you're on a hiding to nothing. Sorry, but you'll have to invest the time to rebuild the sites. Once you've done that, export them as templates (actually do it after every working session), burn the template to a disk or another external media (in case you drive crashes and you lose everything again).

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    You made no backups of anything on your hard drive before it crashed ?
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