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Thread: upgraded to 12 in February ??

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    Default upgraded to 12 in February ??

    12 isn't bad for me in Windows 8.. but it doesn't respond all the time and almost always eventually does respond without crashing.. slow between windows.. I have owned many version from way way back... My last purchase was in February and if I want go to 13... I'm gonna need to chunk out another upgrade fee ??

    Sure would be nice to here that I would qualify for a free upgrade ...


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    Hi Joel- NetObjects' free upgrade policy extends to purchases made up to 45 days prior to release.
    John Walker
    NetObjects Technical Support

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    sure would be ultra pissed if I had bought it two months before the next release.. and for my 4 months which I bought only because I had Windows 8.. I'm not that thrilled.. Thanks for responding
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    Once you start seeing the "special price" being extended for some time, then you know that there will be some sort of release. This tactic has been going on for most of the previous versions. I have always paid the "upgrade price".

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