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Thread: 2013 is NICE! but... can I still use the Coolmaps components?

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    Default 2013 is NICE! but... can I still use the Coolmaps components?

    Like what 2013 is doing! Fast, and seems to like whatever I have thrown at it... like others have seen as well!

    My real question : is there a way to get my Coolmaps components to work like they did with Fusion 7.5 / 10 / 11 and 12? I remember having to modify a couple of files and basically I have been copying the folder to each new installation of Fusion, and they have worked all the way up to the newest version 2013.

    I believe gotFusion had the info to correct the files... Mike any thoughts?

    Thank you.

    In playing with it a bit more - I found that Countdown has nothing showing in the properties window - BUT when I delete the component - the controls show for a "blip" before leaving the page - like there is a "white" screen covering it? Any ideas as to what causes this behavior?
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    yes, I have coolmaps Pop Rocket and Thumbs Up working fine, I simply copied the Coolmaps folder from Nof9/Components to 2013 Components

    they will appear under Flash Components for some strange reason, but that was the case in Nof10, 11 and 12

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    I have not used the coolmaps components since Fusion 5.

    If you have some of the older components (did not buy updates) you do need to make modifications to a few things for the older (Fusion 5 and before) components to work in Fusion MX and later products
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