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Thread: Images stop showing in "file open" window after a fairly short time

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    Default Images stop showing in "file open" window after a fairly short time


    When I go to place an image on one of the sites web pages in NOF 2013, and I use the image tool to draw out the rectangle, then NOF 2013 opens up the File Open dialog window.
    If I've been using NOF 2013 for oh maybe 30 minutes, then the images in the File Open dialog window are invisible. If I click on the name of one of them it will show up in the preview pane of this File Open dialog window, but they are invisible in the dialog window itself.

    Restarting NOF (which I've got to do to avoid a crash) will make the images visible again in the File Open dialog window for maybe 30 minutes and then they turn invisible again after maybe 30 minutes of using NOF 2013.

    I've tried to grab a screenshot of this to help me to explain it but nothing I have will capture the open dialog window in NOF 2013, sorry.

    If I continue to work on the site after I've noticed the invisible images in the file open dialog window then NOF 2013 will inevitably crash.

    Restarting NOF 2013 after I see this returns NOF 2013 to normal operations again.

    In case somebody suggests it's my computer I list it's specs below
    i7 2680qm 2.8GHz
    16 GB RAM
    Windows 8 64bit home premium
    Nvidia GTX 560m with 2 GB dedicated Video RAM
    Net Objects Fusion 2013

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    Ctr-Prt Sc will copy whatever is showing on your screen to the clipboard. You can open this with any graphics program.

    Have you tried disably the tablet check box as described in other posts re crashes recently?

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    I checked that after reading the posts that were talking about unchecking the checkbox for tablet support but there is no such option in my Windows 8.

    I'll take a screenshot next time I have NOF open and it does this same thing. It seems to happen quite frequently today.

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    Right before I read this I experienced the same issue while selecting button images. Unable to reproduce now but will get a screen grab next time.

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