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    Using the "tab top" region and when trying to reorganize the order of the tabs in the property manager I get a window that pops up with a title saying "Script Error", the body of the window of this script error window is black and blank, it has no further information.

    This is in an imported (from template) site from Nof 12 into NOF 13.

    I've also created a new tab top region area and tried to move around the tabs in the propert manager for it and it does the exact same thing every time.

    There is no way to close the script error window, clicking the X in the corner does nothing. While you can make NOF 13 the focus again and "hide" the script error window, NOF 2013 will not function properly until shutting it down and restarting it. Unfortunately, even pressing the save button when this happens does not function (if you know what I mean )

    Only Windows task manager allows me to close NOF 2013 when this script error occurs.

    Just FYI
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