I have been using older versions of NOF for years, so can probably work out how to use NOF 13.
I would however agree with the guys, information on how to use all the NOF has to be searched for on forums and the like, finding a little chunk of info here and a little piece there, and trying, over time, to try and figure out how the thing works. I know that there is a very good book explaining the basics for version 11.
I am prepared to pay 100 euro for a "Lynda" type set of instructional DVDs the would explain ALL of the aspects of Fusion, basic and advanced, and would show me how to builds sites that would look like those in the ready made templates. That would teach me how to use the program to its full potential, leaving none of the features and capability of fusion out.
So theres a challange for the GURUS. Anyone elseserious about learning Fusion and prepared to put their money where their mouth is ? ?
If I could get afew replies from you all, just to see if there is a need/ market for such a set of dvd's