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Thread: Fusion 8 Unwanted Font change!

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    Angry Fusion 8 Unwanted Font change!

    While my join date is now May 2013, I use to come here quite often until about 10 years ago.

    My wife & I were going along fat, dumb, & happy until recently she built a couple temporary pages for a site for her son's business. Not satisfied with just see what the pages looked like in page preview, she uploaded them to her 1100 page site to see how they looked in IE. No problem until she went & looked at a page of her site to see that the fonts style, size, & color had changed on every page she looked at on her site!!!

    So my question is... how does she globally change these settings back as quickly has they got screwed up??? Other wise she will be spending days fixing every page one at a time!!!

    BTW... she has been using Fusion since 1999 on her now 1100 page site & since 2001, with a little help from me, she has built 6 other sites with number 7 in the wings... & this is the first time we have ever seens this kind of problem!

    With a few hours of manual labor, my wife fixed the problem!
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