Install went very smoothly, no problems. Upon completion, copied my "User Sites" folder from NOF 12 into NOF 2013. Opened one of my larger websites in NOF 2013 and it displayed without any problems. Changed some of the output settings in NOF 2013 (HTML 5 output from HTML 4.01 Transitional). Published and noticed my custom menu didn't make the conversion process. Had to redo the menu structure within NOF 2013 and published again...perfect! No other changes were made. What I did notice is that publishing the home page in NOF 2013 HTML 5 resulted in 520 lines of code. The same home page published in NOF 12 HTML 4.01 Transitional resulted in only 394 lines of code...for the same page. I am running a Windows 7 Home Premium machine (Gateway FX6831-03 to be precise). So far, so good!