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Thread: Please help on this problem after upgrading to NOF13 from NOF12

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    Unhappy Please help on this problem after upgrading to NOF13 from NOF12

    I upgraded to NOF 13 from NOF12. I did not uninstall 12 immediately but have removed since. Here's the issue...When opening a site that was created in 12 all content is gone except for master page (which was a custom that I did). I have tried to go to backup copys in autosave and same thing no content. I also copied my site from the server but don't see where I can build/import site from current web site.........Please help.

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    Are you opening a Template of your site exported from NOF12? This is the only way to ensure you get a complete and stable project. You will need to re-install NOF12 to do this.

    Have a look at these steps, as outlined by Adam of NO:

    Save a backup copy and re-optimize your existing site:

    • Open your site in your previous version of NetObjects Fusion. (NOF12)
    • From the Tools menu, choose Save Site As.
    • From the Tools menu, choose Re-Optimize.
    • From the File menu, choose Save to ensure that the re-optimized site is saved.

    Export your site as a Template:

    • Switch to the Assets view to display all of the sites file assets.
    • From the Assets menu, select Verify All File Assets.
    • If you would like to remove unused file assets from your site, from the Assets menu select Delete All Unused File Assets. (This is recommended for optimum performance.)
    • Switch to the Site view to show the site structure.
    • From the File menu, choose Export as Template > Entire Site.
    • In the dialog that appears, navigate to your Templates folder or any folder that you would like to use and save your template file.

    Import your template into NetObjects Fusion 2013:

    • Launch Fusion 2013.
    • From the File menu, select New Site > From Template.
    • In the dialog that appears, navigate to the folder where you saved your exported template.
    • Click on the template that you wish to import and choose a name for your imported site.
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