Dear All,

I've been using the approach of placing an External Data Source on my page and then selecting desired fields and publishing. The problem I encounter is that the publishing either doesn't complete or takes hours. The data source is an MS Access database of about 160,000 records which I want the user to be able to scroll through and I will provide another form to allow filtering so it doesn't display all the records. I can convert the file to MySql or MSSql if that would help. But I'm wondering if I'm taking the wrong approach.

I'm thinking that the way I'm doing this is making NetObjects generate hundreds of pages or something so that records can be scrolled through. Is there another approach where the records are fetched page at a time from the server?

So in general, I'm looking for the right way to allow the user to view the large data files I have. Any suggestions much welcome, including perhaps embedding so php or javascript or whatever.

Thanks greatly,