Hey Gang,
Two quick browser compatibility question for all the NetObjects 10 experts here:

1.) My drop down menu on my site has stopped working in Internet Explorer. It works fine in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but not in IE.

For an example, view the "Books" top menu button (in Internet Explorer) here: http://laurainesnelling.com/index.html

2.) Some of my page backgrounds (which Netobjects generates and saves as images) have stopped showing in Safari, but show perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

For an example, view the missing page background of the "Home" page (in Safari) here: http://laurainesnelling.com/index.html

SO STRANGE, right?!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing either of these issues, or possible fixes for them?

I would be so grateful for any input you can offer.