Hi all,

I get along pretty good with NOF12 but this one has me stumped!

Win 7 Home Premium, fully up to date, NOF12, local Apache Serversame PHP
version as used on my remote s and a problem uploading Contact forms files.
In addition, this is a long-running set of forms which only today
acted up on me. I have been finessing them to improve security but
those are all FileZilla Uploads and are not part of the NOF code
generation; the forms themselves are all separate from NOF other than
links to get to them.

Please be patient with me as I try to explain this:

When I add a link to a page that goes to a contact form, using' Publish
Current Page only' and 'Publish only changed assets' checked or not,
The upload Publish Site dialog box shows a directory called Adjoin
in it, and that directory gets added automatically to ALL the links I
try to create. I canot get rid of it!
There ARE two directories, one named "Adjoin", and the other named
"adjoin", the only difference between them being the capital A in one of
them. I do NOT want the Adjoin directory; it's the last one.

How in HECK do I get rid of it, or even just change it to "adjoin",
without the capital letter??????
I am really stumped!!

Looking around, some other pages hav e a similar entry, but they refer
to the correct directories. No problems there I am aware of.

In addition, when I did a Publish of Current Page Only, a LOT of things
were uploaded that I've never seen before! Like, character sets, Gotcha
properties (which I'm not useing), "general-de properties", gb.smtp.php
and gb.xml (none of which are familiar to me in any way!

I don't doubt this is my own doing but WHAT did I do?! I don't think
it's a NOF bug and I've run all my malware detectors so I don't think
I'm infected in any way. Used Norton Internet Security, MBAM, Windows
Defender, Spybot S & D; and nothing but a few tracking cookies were
caught. Also, WinPatrol never indicated any new applications running. So
I think I'm pretty clean that way.
get rid of, or correct, that wrong "Adjoin" entry in the "change
pages" box in the Upload dialog?
FWIW, these are NOT new forms, nor have they acted up before. I'd
leave a URL to look at but I've removed that particular link since I
don't want visitors to stumble into it.

Thanks in Advance,