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Thread: Problems running Netobjects 2013 in windows 8

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    Default Problems running Netobjects 2013 in windows 8

    Installed Netobjects 2013 twice in windows 8 and had problems all the time. It also froze my windows 8 system so bad each time that I had to restore the system to an image of about a week earlier. The only other thing I can think of is the fact that I use a Solid State Drive for my system. However I have no problems running Netobjects version 11 on the same system.
    Besides problems starting a new site, I also could not import a version 11 site that was meticulously prepared (all assets found, optimized etc.) and exported to a template.
    I would really like to use Version 13 because it has html5 but I have wasted so much time now that I asked for the 14-day money back option. Anybody else have the same problems (or solutions!)

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    Have you installed the latest update? i don't run win 8 (why install massively buggy operating system when I already have one that's not quite so bad?) but I believe the latest update (AU2) has improved the running of 2013 for some users.

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