I am inserting the NOF FAQ component on a site using NOF 2013. The NOF PHP scripts don't work online. But I am able to insert other non-NOF PHP scripts within the same pages and publish them as .PHP pages from NOF and they run just fine. The NOF FAQ component script files upload during the publication to the correct directory (../scripts)

The CSV files are non-existent so I suspect those are created and initialized the first time the Admin script is run.

The error log reporting is minimal, but what appears to be happening is that when the Apache 2.2 server parses the page, the faq.php and related files are not being read under the INCLUDE statement. So I get a "white" blank page. When I insert any basic PHP script and re-run the page, the PHP script runs fine. So the problem seems to be with the INCLUDE statements not executing. I could be overlooking something on the Apache configuration side that the PHP INCLUDE statements are not working. I have given the respective directories and files full permissions for testing purposes, but can find no answers on either the Apache or PHP web sites. Any ideas on what I might be looking for in the Apache or PHP configurations? Are there any special PHP extensions required for these scripts?

(I am publishing with NOF 2013 on Windows 8/64 but that part seems to work fine. I am running PHP 5.2.1 on Apache 2.2 on a FreeBSD platform.)