I ran fusion 4, 5, 6, MX, 8, 10, 11 it only got worse and worse after MX. In fact I am crippled again due to a Microsoft visual c error that comes up in my fusion 11 pro, I expect (if the gods shine on me) 1 week it will be fixed, that would be tomarrow!!

It takes a good 2 - 4 months to SOMETIMES get someone to fix my fusion and now that I am the ONLY client left from over 30 in the past that still runs fusion I am wondering have the Fusion people got there act straight yet with version 13.

Be specific, I own/support unix, dreamweaver, frontpage webeasy, yahoo website builders for supporting where my clients and just got serifs program (not installed yet) I have a new client and want to see if fusion would be good I have about 1 week to decide and can't even show him fusion 11 in action.

He wants to build a mostly static website for a lumber industry, fusion is okay for that but I really don't want to re-start the process and make my clients miserable in the long run when failure occur, and support does not exist.

Please be honest, one day soon I am really hoping that they break out as the #1 leader in website building software, I had nearly a decade of wonderful use and support in the 80-90s' and love many user features that are unbeatable, but should I dish out another $75 YET in hopes that my ms visual c and a dozen other issues go away or is the company still in its shithole mode?