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Thread: Fusion 13 - Worth the upgrade!

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    Mate, no offence taken. And at 65 I also get my dates out of whack sometimes.

    To answer your question, though, let me put it this way. Before they surprised me and brought out 2013, I was investigating the alternatives. As most of my work now is pro-bono for the Kingdom, I can't afford to spend a lot of time hand-coding as I'm no longer on a billable hourly rate. I was about to make the jump to something else (WYSIWYG Web Builder) when out came 2013 with its html 5 and css3 output (yes, and a bunch of bugs) and made me stay with NO. I've converted a bunch of sites to NO without any real problems (some irritations, certainly, but nothing that would make me move sites to another platform).

    Hi There franko.....

    Bronco Here...... I am Previewing WYSIWYG Web Builder .... Very Powerful App.... As is NOF..... Also they are abnormally Similar in my Opinion.... Almost like one is a Knock Off of the Other...... Do you know any History behind This Similarity?

    Also would You care to Share why you Picked NOF over WYSIWYG Web Builder?

    Have a Good One....................
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