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Thread: Using the jQuery Carousel tool

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    Question Using the jQuery Carousel tool


    I have just upgraded to NOF2013, only to be disappointed that the Flash photo gallery tool has been removed.

    I have tried using WowSlider in the past with NOF12 but without success.

    Having found out that there is now a built jQuery tool for creating image carousels, I decided to give it a try but it not that good.

    What is the correct way to add a WowSlider carousel to NOF13??

    I would be grateful for any information on this.


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    Apparently, if you import a site with the NOF Photo Gallery, you can still maintain it in NOF2013. IMO, not worth it since it is Flash based.

    There has been lots of discussion on WOWSlider in the forum. Do a search and you should all you need.

    The easy way is to publish a separate ZeroMargin page with the WoWSlider, then use an I-Frame to insert the slider into the page you want. Otherwise, you have to be aware of your usage of jQuery and take steps to ensure you use only one call & one version.
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