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Thread: How do you add a Strong Tag and is it advisable?

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    Default How do you add a Strong Tag and is it advisable?

    I am researching ways to make certain words stand out to search engines other than Titles, H1, H2, and Alt Tags. I am reading about adding the <strong>strong</strong> to certain key words.

    Couldn't see how to add this option to my style sheet.

    Your advice will help.
    Thank you,
    Vickie Christensen

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    Use the bold tag <b>text</b> as it is backward compatable with every browser (and it is on your formatting toolbar).

    You can highlight text, hold the ctrl key and press the b key which is the keyboard short cut to the bold command
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    Thank you for the clarification. The author mentioned both bold and strong, but it sounds like they are interchangeable for SEO.

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    You can add a <strong> tag as you can add any html tag by using Ctrl-T where you want it in the text. You can also add it as a pseudo class by defining it as a new style in the Manage Styles dialog box.

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