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Thread: Center in Browser - not working on one troublesome page

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    Default Center in Browser - not working on one troublesome page

    No matter what I seem to do, I can't seem to Center one page that I'm working on. All pages are set to ZeroMargins. All pages have the Center in Brower checkbox - checked.

    Got any ideas?

    This is the one page that I have an animation - a gif flys in from the top.

    OK - so I just disabled the animation and it centers properly. Is there a way I can have an animation (Action) and keep the page centered?

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    Ffs _ how many times do we have to sat it - post a url!

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    when using html 4.01 (fixed layout with actions) center in browser is not possible

    you can however leave the page set to html 4.01 plus tables and then create a layout region for your animation

    set this layout region to html 4.01 output

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