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Thread: NetObjects Fusion XII Calendar public availability

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    Default NetObjects Fusion XII Calendar public availability

    The documentation for NetObjects Fusion XII implies that the calendar plugin can be made "publicly available" to facilitate shared scheduling. I am trying to do just this in order to allow my team to coordinate some critical activities.

    Normally, I would simply create a Google calendar, but I don't know if all of my team has a Google account, and I'd rather not require that they get one to use the calendar.

    Does anyone know if the Calendar plugin has an option to allow users to edit and update the calendar? (Clearly, I would place the calendar on a password protected page.)

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    You would be best to use the google calendar as it is designed to be edited online and can be edited by several users.

    Here is my tutorial on how to integrate it into Fusion
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    I want to stay with the calendar offered by NO, but it won't open on my android device

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