I am wondering if someone can have a look at this "demo" page please. It was built with NOF7 because we had to utilize the Bitmotion Cascadia Menu System (BTW, on another topic, is there an equal or better menu system that works well with NOF-12 ?).

Problem Page: http://www.gsanders.com/NBFSC/html/main-fr.html

This page has a masterborder top and bottom area only. The middle section is composed of three layout areas (left column, the larger middle content area and right column). The left and right hand side columns have the listed corporate sponsor images / links. These left and right hand side layout areas are using an "iframe" to call the content from these two pages below (left and right sides):

http://www.gsanders.com/NBFSC/html/leftpartners-fr.html and http://www.gsanders.com/NBFSC/html/r...rtners-fr.html

Everytime we publish the main page... ( http://www.gsanders.com/NBFSC/html/main-fr.html ) we get a gap at the bottom of the left and right hand side columns and we can't get rid of that "gap" no matter how much we tweak the page layout.

Can anyone help us with this issue. Can someone look at the page code and see if they can tell what is causing it to publish this way.

Thanks in advance.