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    Post ecommerce

    i have old netobjects MX
    I want to have a shopping cart on the site with more than one box for prices.
    I need to upsell with say...product....price...then option below with another price for adding another item that goes with the first item and maybe another option so the cost goes up each time if chosen.
    Can anyone give me advice ?

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    See what your web hosting provider offers with your hosting account. Some hosts will supply multiple e-commerce programs that you can choose from.
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    Hi all! Since the conversation has started about e-commerce, I was wondering if Shopify and e-commerce are related in any way?

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    Yes, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows sellers to create and manage online stores. It is specifically designed for e-commerce and provides a number of tools and features to help sellers sell their products and services online. Some people use Shopify plugins development services to successfully run their store on the Shopify platform.
    Shopify offers a number of features that are commonly used in e-commerce, including support for multiple languages and currencies, customizable product catalogs and shopping carts, payment gateway integration, order management and fulfillment capabilities, and marketing and customer relationship management tools. It also provides tools for inventory management, order processing, and shipping and tax calculations.

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    Thanks. These plugins are interesting. Will try to adaps something to my website.

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