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Thread: NetObjects and Mosaic and Mobile Websites

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    Default NetObjects and Mosaic and Mobile Websites

    I have been a long time user of NetObjects Fusion. I am now interested in developing mobile versions of my existing web sites. I would like to continue the use NOF for that development.

    I know about Mosaic, and that tool is great IF you want to host it and pay a monthly fee for a mobile site. I however am very happy with my current hosting provider and want a tool where I can upload the mobile code to subdomains of my main sites.

    After doing some research, I have a few questions.

    • Are templates available for NetObjects Fusion to create websites optimized for mobile devices?
    • If not, does NOF plan to add mobile web site design capabilities to future software releases?
    • Is there a way to upload the resulting code from Mosaic to my current hosting provider just like NOF?
    • Has anyone found a good solution besides NOF is it doesn't support currently or will not support in the future mobile website development?

    I would hate to switch from NOF to some other tool that may have both main site and mobile in the same software program, but I am not willing to pay a monthly fee for each mobile site in addition to the current hosting charges.

    Any other thoughts on this topic of integrated main and mobile website development, and what appears to be a growing business model of online mobile website development, but locked into that companies service for additional monthly fees per site, would be appreciated.


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    Answers to your questions in order:

    1. Yes And if you're not happy with the few provided you can simply design a site as, I presume, you do at the moment. Just make the width of the short side 320-360px.
    2. I rather hope they will add responsive design capability in future releases. Otherwise they'll become totally irrelevant in the marketplace.
    3. Yes. Just the same as you do with your main site. You will need to create either a subdomain (eg or you can put your mobile site along the path ( You will then need to run a script in your main site root to detect the device and redirect the user to the appropriate site. There are many available on the internet.
    4. Wordpress has some very good responsive templates around. Best solution is to code it yourself starting with one of the many responsive boilerplates available on the net. Depends how good you are at html/css/javascript.

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