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Thread: Importing an existing site

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    Default Importing an existing site

    I am new to fusion 2013.I need to download and edit a site a friend did for our organization in a previous version of netobjects and his computer has crashed and we have to make changes. The help menu tells me to go to the file menu then new site then select the "from existing website" option. I am only getting 3 options when I select new site. "Using Site wizard", "Blank site" and "from template". Is there a trick to this that I am not seeing?

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    If you do not have the original .nod file or an exported template then you have no option but to rebuild the site using the assets from the existing site. NoF is an html generator, not an html editing program. If you want to edit the html of the site then use a program such as BlueGriffon, HTMLKit, or similar. You cannot open an html/css site directly in NoF and expect NoF to recreate the original database.

    Us a program such as HTTrack to copy the original web site to your local computer. Then create a new blank web site and copy and past the content from the original site into NoF.

    Oh, and this time export templates as you rebuild the site and copy them to an external drive so that if your hard drive crashes you'll still have the site.
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