Hello, I think that I found a relatively easy way to back up daily from one laptop with 'User ID1' to a server and restore form that server to a spare laptop with 'User ID2' in case the first laptop crashes. It requires minimal manipulation to make the installation user independent and this avoid saving the sites as templates.
Here is the procedure I follow (Please feedback any problem):
1- I moved the sites to the following path which is User ID independent:
C:\Users\Default\Documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\User sites
It will be needed to change the location of local publish folder and other folders.
This makes all the folders and its contents user ID independent.

2- I did not change the location of the profiles which is 'User ID' dependent:
C:\Users\’User ID1’\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 12.0\NetObjects System\Profiles\’User ID1’\
I do not know how to make the path of this folder user ID independent. But I think that the contents is user ID independent.

3- I did not change the location of styles, templates, etc. which is 'User ID' independent too (I just added my "additional styles"):
C:\Users\Public\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 12.0\

I backup the three folders on a network server, and I can restore to the spare computer by only changing the target of the profiles to:
C:\Users\’User ID2’\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 12.0\NetObjects System\Profiles\’User ID2’\
The other two folders go back to the same paths on the spare computer as on the first computer.
I tried and it seems to work; my sites work and look unchanged.
The solution should be the same for NOF13