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Thread: How do i get my websit on line when using netobjects fusion 7?

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    Default How do i get my websit on line when using netobjects fusion 7?

    I am having trouble uploading my site onto the net. I think it is a problem within netobjects fusion, something like the files are conflicting. i have disabled frontpage, i have made sure the user id/password is correct, i have tried deleting the 'preview' folder and just uploading the 'local publish' folder. i have renamed the home page 'index html'. i have deleted any duplicated files. i can only think that it is something to do with the location of the files? i have even gone to the help section on the fusion website and done what they suggested but still no joy.
    i have tried everything else that i can think of, so please could someone help?!
    Would really appreciate any suggestions.

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    How you set up your remote publish profile depends 100% on what your web host requires.

    What are their requirements?

    Can you connect to your host using a 3rd part FTP program like FileZilla or do you have issues connecting with everything?
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