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Thread: Fading & Image Resizing

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    Default Fading & Image Resizing

    I have 2 questions:

    1) How to make pictures fade from one to another. I've looked at the site "", but it seems like the coding is dependent on this site being functional; I could be wrong.... (Also, I wasn't able to quite use it.) I'd like something where I'm the only one who controls all; is that asking too much???? All I want is something simple to change from one picture to another for a total of say, 3 pictures.

    2) How do I make my pictures size dynamically with the size of the window? My pictures currently stay the same size as I vary the window size. Actually, nothing changes, not even the font size. All I see is more of the background color.

    I do not have my web site up currently as I'm still working on these things. Many thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!!

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    Too much to ask? Not at all. That script requires no external files. Everything would be on your server and you would have the control that you seek. You can size your images dynamically by adding some PHP code but you may be best off by sizing them yourself manually in advance (if your particular situation would allow for that.)

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