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Thread: Simple Animation Issues

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    Default Simple Animation Issues

    Hello all:

    I have been using NOF sporodically since I purchased version 1.0 in the old Egghead Software stores I believe. I upgraded here and there over the years and now have 13 installed on a Win 7 machine. I have professional experience animating in flash and macromedia director from many years ago, as well as years of video editing and animation using lightwave, blender, and other software, so I feel I have a very good handle on the basics of timeline animating with keyframes and tweens. None the less I am experiencing problems but I think they are more to do with action triggers than the animation itself.

    The animation consists of a simple garage door opening to reveal links to a tour of the facility where I work, a giant model railroad for live steam G(garden) scale trains. My boss would like the home page to be a large image of the entrance to his large industrial building, and when you click on the garage door where it says "Enter Staver Locomotive", the garage door rolls up to reveal links to tour the railroad, machine shop, fab shop, wood shop, art gallery, or kitchens.

    So I built a basic 150px tall logo across the top of a zero margins layout, then loaded a black filled square to be behind the garage door, the a .png of the garage door cut from the original photo, then over layed those photos with the main building photo with a transparency where the garage door would far so looks great. I then created a automatically tweened, 60 frame animation for both the door and the words "Enter Staver Locomotive". Testing the animation by using the mouse to scroll the timeline, it all looks great and works perfect. I set the front to back order appropriate, and then created a hotspot about the size of the garage door on top of everything, and created an action linked to the animation through the hotspots clicked event trigger. I figured I was done and could move on, but I have not been able to make the animation work in any preview mode. HTML is set to 4.1 although I have tried all settings. I assumed I had missed something I needed to click or activate somewhere, but after trying everything I could think of, and reading the forums after targeted searches, I could find nothing that has helped.

    So I created a test animation of just the door by itself on a page in a new website. I went about creating it in the timeline the same way but as the only image on the page. I set the door to open when "clicked" using an action for the image itself, not a hotspot, but could not get the animation to work. So I set the action trigger to page load, and when previewing in a browser, the animation worked great when I reload the page.

    So I decided to try another option and set the trigger event to mouse down, and again the animation worked, so I thought I had it figured out. That for some reason the "clicked" trigger was not working. However, after rebuilding the home page from scratch and reloading all the images and adding a hotspot on top of all the images, the animation will work only on the "pageload" trigger event, clicked and mousedown or mouseup will not activate the animation.

    I am hoping this description is detailed enough that someone will recognize what I am doing wrong.

    Thank You


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    what is the html output set to? It needs to be Html 4.01

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