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Thread: Buy Now and Add to cart issues.

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    Default Buy Now and Add to cart issues.

    Well as usual net objects 13 keeps crashing.... I am use to that, but I am making a simple 5 item store in "NO 13" and the Buy now and Add to cart buttons will not show up.. I have them checked on both the list and detail page. PayPal is setup as the store engine... FYI view cart link works and shows up... no text buttons, no NO13 default buttons, no user selected image... nothing!!!! I have downloaded the latest Java ass recommended... Nothing.. Run as Administrator.. Nothing Any Ideas from my fellow GEEKS??? Maybe someone from the programing team of Net Objects might shed some light on the subject..

    FYI Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit
    NO13 13.00.0000.5552
    Java v7 build 1.7.051-b13

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    When I had that issue with an earlier version of NOF, I downloaded the graphic files (Buy Now and Add to Cart) from the PayPal site and manually added them to the Assets folder, then linked them in the catalog. Never had the issue again with any version.

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