HI Folks
I was having a discussion with a company that specialises iN
search engine optimisation the other day.

The client had asked them to look at the SEO aspects of a site
that I'd built in NOF - and they had decided to do a complete 'look &
feel' redesign, and create the new site in Wordpress.

The 'look & feel' I have no problem with - I'd be the first to admit to
being no graphics designer <g> - but I was a bit mystified to hear them
say that their new 'Wordpress' site would be much more search-engine
friendly - just because it was made in Wordpress...

Anybody got any experience of this 'Wordpress Vs NOF' debate in the
context of search-engine friendliness...??

My take (fwiw !) is that getting the relevant indexable content up
towards the top of the page, and making sure that links exist so that
se's can find all of the site (site map also) is a good start....

Comments invited.