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Thread: cant publish new site in NPF 2013...

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    I've suffered from an inability to publish websites for some weeks - exactly the same problem, the transfer hangs at about 2% and then fails - yet when the test connection button is used under the publish settings it confirms that a suitable connection is made! - sites publish correctly to the hard disc, so the publishing element seems OK - I've checked firewalls and other software such as malware checkers, but to no avail - any suggestions will be gratefully received.

    My main PC is Windows 8.1 with IE 11 - however, I've resorted to using an old laptop running Windows XP and IE8 to get my sites away - which works!!!

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    it could be Windows 8.1 Defender blocking it, I would disable Defender (it can't be uninstalled, but can be disabled)

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    I had an issue with this symptom after changing internet providers. I had always been able to publish remotely from within NOF7-11 with no issues until I changed to a Verizon MiFi access port. I wasn't able to find any settings to solve it so I just started using an FTP program. Now that I've used an FTP for awhile, I like that approach much better; specially with the lockups & such that seem to occur more frequently with the newer Windows & NOF versions. I used my old XP system with NOF 7-5, 8 & 11 for 8 years and never once had it lockup on me. My new I5 Win 7 -64bit machine with 16G RAM and NOF12 has locked-up a dozen times or more..but I digress... With an FTP program, I know when my publishing has been completed without incident, and can upload the results as desired, rather than wondering what kind of corrupted file might have been sent during a crash.

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