Been using Fusion for years, just updated to 2013. When I use a 'layout' area and I drop some widget code in there, if the widget is large (it changes depending on grabbed content) it is covering other things on the page; older versions of Fusion would know to PUSH everything down so whatever the widget ends up showing, it is not blocking anything. Since the length of the widget is always different, I can not set my layout box to a specific size. I used to be able just to make a little layout box/area, drop the HTML code into it and when published, the browser would know to show the widget the correct size. Here it does do that, but it does not push the other stuff on the page out of the way... WHy not? It used to in previous versions... In fact it must or else the program is useless. Look here (this is a test site)
You can see the 'Ebay widget' is overlaying everything, even the bottom navigation menu which should have been pushed all the way down automatically. Why is it not working??
Also, notice the '#.UxItO4WwXRU' that is appended at the end of the URL, why is that happening?? How do I fix the layout issue and the url append issue??

Thanks for any help.