I have been a user of NOF since 1999 and have been using NOF 7.5 since 2008. I have built and manage two small business websites. I also own NOF 10 and NOF 11 upgrades, but was not able to port my 7.5 websites or figure out how to use these newer versions. So I've stuck with 7.5.

One of my websites -- www.southwest-designs.com -- has extensive photos ranging in size from 225 px to 800 px wide. I also create HTML code in PayPal and copy/paste it into the HTML of my pages to create "buttons" that allow purchase and payment through PayPal.

I've been doing some major updates over the last several weeks in preparation for a promotion/sale and today the site started crashing. I can't even change text. I can't work in the software at all. This is a significant set back.

I need to find someone with the expertise to help me either 1) stabilize the site or 2) port to a newer version of NOF and learn to use it.

I would appreciate any referrals to training/support resources. Thank you.