I am having my first real issues with NOF 10

I'm working on a new site, and I have edited (OK, changed completely) the banner and the backgrounds for the site. I can see the backgrounds on all of the previews, but only on the home page.

I can't see the banners on the previews, but they are there, big as life, in the composing window.

At one time, the background appeared on all the pages, then on all but the index page. It's almost like there is something I am toggling, but I don't think I've touched anything at all.

The pages in question are a pilot for me, and are at www.vegaspuppetry.com

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have poked around here and in my archive of the old newgroups, but I can't find this specific issue.

Thanks in advance for the time!

Pix Smith
Dallas, TX