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Thread: Update #4 crashing on attempt to open or publish pages which user external database

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    Default Update #4 crashing on attempt to open or publish pages which user external database

    My NOF files were working fine in update #2.

    After installing update #4, only my pages publish fine that do not access an external database. But pages accessing the external database crash the entire program when an attempt is made to edit or publish the pages.

    I rolled back to update #2, and everything works fine again, so I don't believe the issue is with my computer, the NOF file, or the external database. Any ideas?

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    Yeah... don't install Update 4.

    Update 3 is fine, but AU4 has issues for some people. Don't go past AU3 until AU5 comes out.
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    Then I will have to stay with Update 2. My production computer is set up on Windows 8.1 64-bit, which means we are using IE 11. I had serious layout issues using Update 3 with IE 10 or 11.

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    I am still using update 2 on my production machine without any problems and will do so until AU5 comes out. IE10 and IE11 have caused major issues with NoF (and other programs that use the Trident 7.0 rendering engine). I use IE9 on both my production machine and my laptop (I've never used IE for browsing, not since IE3.0 came out yonks ago.)

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    the catch 22 is that for Windows 8.1 users like myself, IE 9 is not an option. So it sounds like we can expect another update fix from NOF people?

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    Here goes update 5...

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