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Thread: Is there a way to migrate sites from Version 4.0 to Fusion XII ?

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    Default Is there a way to migrate sites from Version 4.0 to Fusion XII ?

    I have used for years Net Objects fusion 4.0 and it has worked fine.
    Recently I bought the standard version of version 12.

    I was wondering if there is a way to move a site from version 4 to 12? I have tried import from existing site and works in some way but the result is not as the previous one.
    I also read on the help that from older versions you could save it as a template and then on version 12 create a site from a template but version 4 does not have the option to save the site as a template.

    Any help. ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    Download, install, and import your exported version 4 template into the free version.

    From the free version export the template once again.

    The template should be updated so that it is more compatible with the newest release of the product.

    You can download the free version from the NetO site:
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    Hi do you know if the link for the free trial version is still active as i have the same problem

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