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Thread: NOF 12 - My Index Page - Shows up as blank

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    Default NOF 12 - My Index Page - Shows up as blank

    NOF 12 - My Index Page, shows up as blank when I use preview or upload it, yet it's not blank. Menus and everything just show up as a white page.

    I tried deleting the body by cutting the table and then pasting it back but still nothing. I also ran optimization. The issue is only with the index page.

    Anyone know what could be wrong?

    Here is the page: http://www.ExecutiveSearch.TV I had to restore it and upload it from very old backup but the other 120 pages of the site I took it from are out of date. Is there a way to use this old index page on the site that has the broken index page? I tried cutting and pasting the body but it did not work.

    Thank you!!!!!


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    Check in site view to make sure the home page is named index.html. I seem to remember an issue with v12 I had once where I had used custom names for my pages (for SEO reasons) and had forgotten to select .html in the extension pull-down menu which defaulted to blank. All I had to do was select the .html extension and republish the entire site. (I always, always, always Local Publish my sites and check them thoroughly before making them live. It's a good practice and avoids something that's been overlooked in NoF being propagated to the production server).

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