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Thread: Guestbook (using Cold form) in nof 12

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    Default Guestbook (using Cold form) in nof 12

    Have recently created a guestbook on my site and it works well and even send me an alert e-mail about new entries.
    Now when I was testing the gb I found out that if I inserted long text in the comment field without breaks,
    the hole entry field exspand to the right all over the site page. Is it possible to restrict the textarea to a fixed size
    forcing entry text to break??
    Please, some help will be welcome
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    A little more information would be helpful...

    Can you provide a URL for the page in question?

    Doing a quick test using English Fusion 12.00.0000.5220 (AU4), I did not see this behavior with IE (8, 11) or Chrome. In what browsers do you see the issue?

    What is the publish format for the page (XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 or HTML 4.01 with Tables)?

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    This happens whenever users copy & paste formatted (like from "MS Word") long text with no breaks into your guestbook. Just edit that entry which causes this problem and put some wordwraps in.
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