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Thread: Better handling of 2-byte unicode, esp Chinese, Japanese, Korean

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    Default Better handling of 2-byte unicode, esp Chinese, Japanese, Korean

    I'm new to this forum, but have been using NOF since version 3.0, and have got pretty good at working around some of its limitations, to get it to do what I want. However, one bug-bear I currently have is the lack of support for 2-byte unicode character sets such as Chinese, Japanese & Korean. NOF allows very limited entry of 2-byte characters in the standard text control, but almost nowhere else! It would be particularly useful to be able to enter this text as navigation/banner text, page titles, and as the ALT text of images.

    Also, when entering more than a couple of lines of 2-byte text in the standard text control, NOF will often crash. Plus, it insists on trying to word-wrap the text, when these CJK languages often have no spaces between words - when viewed, NOF has inserted spaces at the ends of the lines as they appeared in the editor, but often this isn't the end of the line when viewed in a browser, resulting in random spaces in the middle of lines.

    My only workaround so far is to use embed HTML with a <?php include> directive - eg. <?php include("text/home.htm"); ?> - and to write my CJK text in Word and save as HTML. This gets over the problems with the body text, but doesn't allow me to use non-English menubars & titles.

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    Dear sb_summit,

    I am from HK and have tried to input Chinese characters as page name/title. I discover that NetObjects Fusion 2015
    can only take Complicated Chinese which is (Big5) and cannot take simplified Chinese which is (GB2312).

    I am interested on your embed HTML method. Where to input the codes? Can I make it for simplified Chinese GB2312


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    are you using the simplified chinese char set?
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