I reinstalled Fusion on my computer tonight.

I opened up an old site that was created in the same version of Fusion , NOF 13

Every time that I open the site, I get a warning message telling me: The current sitestyle has been deleted Please set a new sitestyle for this site.

I click okay and then when the site is opened I click on styles, which does not list any site styles at all. Once I leave the styles area, Fusion 13 simply crashes. It doesn't matter where I go to after visiting the styles area in this site, it simply crashes. However, don't confuse that with the site crashes. I can open the site, and go to any page in the site and it's fine. It's only when I open the site, and click the "Style" button to go into the site style area and then leave the style area that NOF 13 crashes.

What do I do about this?