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Thread: Updates 1- 5

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    Default Updates 1- 5

    I have been running NOF 2013 with just the first two updates applied without any problems. When I tried updating 3 and 4 I had strange things happen!

    Someone on one of the forums mentioned that Update 5 solved many problems so I applied Update 5 without applying Updates 3 and 4.

    My problem now is that if I set the site setting to HTML 5 on any site the Navigation bar goes haywire ! It happens on my existing sites and on any new sites I create. I can get around it by changing the site setting to HTML 4 with Tables, but obviously I would prefer to use HTML5.

    My question is to those more knowable than me, should I apply updates 3 and 4 now and see if it corrects the problem, or roll back to only applying Updates 1 and 2 and forget any future updates?

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    Have you tried html5 dynamic? New in AU5.

    From my experience I only used AU2 and missed 3 and 4. Since applying AU5 I haven't had any problems. That said, NoF is now quite a complicated beast and since it sits on top of Windows which is so bloated a piece of code that any number of individual variations can cause an issue that nobody else experiences.

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