Been a while since I was here, I see a lot of familiar folks, many who have helped a lot in the past - Thanks!

This sounds a little ranty, (and too long - sorry in advance) but really, I'm just very, very confused, and wondering if I need to, or should, update... or just hide under a rock - again. I all but gave up on my site updates last time, (when 12 was 'new'), I worked on several of the sub-sites, (because I have too much crap out there and databases can't seem to work right for all I want) and about the time I am almost finished with a 'look' a new version comes out that won't work with what I did. Right now I am using a ton of Multi Layout Regions, and tabs... and photo galleries, and photo rollovers, and video imbeds, anyone know if they work in (and import into) 2013? (if I recall, the photo galleries are a form of database that has inherent problems)

I have been wandering through these posts about NOF 2013 and had to check to see if I was reading about NOF 8, 9, 10, or 11, or 12... I can see the updates are really looking bad (even the previously touted AU5). I see good posts before update 3, mostly, sort of.

The e-mail I got was kinda like - if you keep using your NOF 11 your website is gonna get hacked and infect the entire internet (Ok, a little drama queen there), but it did sound like there was a serious security issue, and I should not use 11 ever again, since it was using old Java. It said "...version of Java that is now considered a security risk and it cannot be updated. Those older versions are also incompatible with Windows 7 and 8" Hmm, which is what I had when they were installed, and I still use... curious... I'm confused Steve... it sounded like I need to update my website... or there could be trouble. ...and, so why are they still selling NOF 12?

I see very redundant issues here about 2013, that sound exactly like the same issues earlier versions had; as well as ones like, Vista is old, update to Windows 7, then to install NOF, you have to do a compatibility check, and say you are using Vista... ??? And the change view and crash... (used to be with databases - delete them and NOF is ok, and your site is toast), (or the assets weren't checked before the export)

All the same issues if your using a database, the site won't transfer to the new version correctly, 1 pixel shifts on images... (extremely irritating to me over the years for it to never get fixed)

Of all the things I see, the very worst thing, is NOF is relying on all the good folks here on the forums to do their support. I think that is simply appalling. I searched their Knowledge Base for updating, and got the WayBack Machine pages!! So very comforting, lol. I remember back in the NOF MX days, they were really great to deal with... ( I hate being old sometimes)

But I still use it... just like Windows, drives me crazy, but I have to use it because it mostly works. All the really cool stuff won't quite work as expected, but I can check my e-mail, lol (with Eudora...) and write code to manually edit the NOF webpages by hand (used to have to do that to fix the Meta tags on pages etc) and try to get it to work (wrecking the best reasons to use NOF)

Also, I had an issue previously, with not having IE, NOF wouldn't work, so I was forced to put it back. That was ok, because I needed to have it to test the site to be sure the NOF pages would work for internet folks to see my site - but it sounds like I need to remove it to make NOF operate correctly now...? (I can't go to down to IE9 on Win 7 Pro 64 I think)

I'm so confused... I do realize there have been tons of issues that never effected me, but the databases sure might, and if it is just another facelift on the same NOF, is it really worth the $75 their asking? (if it is really that much faster, it should be either a new engine, or a lot of stuff was removed...)

Thanks for listening, if you got this far...