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Thread: Accidently deleted page views counter

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    Default Accidently deleted page views counter

    Where do I get the code for that and will it start were it was?

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    when you make a boo boo you can use CTRL+Z to "undo" all the way back to when you started editing the page.

    If you have gone to another page or closed Fusion, the undo history is cleared.


    If you are at that point in time still where "whoops, what do I do now"... Use ctrl+z to undo the delete.

    If you have left the page or closed Fusion, your can move the latest backup into the user sites folder and click on it to start Fusion from the last time you quit the program. This gotFusion tutorial will explain in more detail:
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    Unless you're running the counter code on your own server (unlikely -you're probably using an external application) then your data should be stored in your account. Just log in to re-generate the code for the counter.

    If you're using the service initiated during Web Site Pro's tenure then I doubt they'll still have access to it. (I know it's still running because until recently I had a very old site that used it and it was still working when I took the site down a couple weeks ago.) Maybe one of the NoF guys can tell us if they took it over with the application from WSP and if so, how you would access your account.

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